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Frida Liljeros - Stoff

Frida Liljeros - Stoff


We, Frida Liljeros and Aron Mody, are both studying Digital Cultures at Lund University. During our first term we came up with the idea of starting a production company, direct towards cultural enterprises and organisations, and with its main focus being information design. Having received funding through leapfrogs we can work with this during the summer of 2014.

Frida Liljeros studied gender science at SU and writing at Fridhems folkhögskola. Aron Mody studied pedagogical drama at Mah and intermedial studies at LU. During the last years he has spent a considerable amount of time exploring sound engineering and music production.

Prior to this, we have been involved with several pedagogical initiatives primarily focusing on children. In parallel with our studies, we are also involved in editorial and publishing work partly, but not solely, within Radio AF. 

Besides formally setting up the company, during the summer of 2014 we will focus on our first client, where we will produce media with main focus on information. In addition, we will position us in the digital arena and work on branding Stoff through a website, social media etc. 

First of all we want to get our company up and running, this means taking care of all the basic necessities such registration at the tax office, domain for the website, market evaluation and extending the project plan for the company.

After that we strive to establish new business relationships and make contact with more clients, which will hopefully lead to further projects. Finally, we want to establish and fine tune a digital position for our business. 

Frida Liljeros - Stoff #2


We are currently working with our first client, which is a museum. The assignment demands a lot of research and therefore at this stage of the project are we spending a lot of our time in the museum archive. Complemetary to this we have started to program our website and stumbled upon a couple of content and usability questions. We have also started to look in to other clients that wolud be interesting for the future.

Originally we were supposed to work on a couple of smaller projects together with our first client. Instead our client opted to give us a single project, which is larger and demands a deeper and more thorrogh reaserch. This has resulted in more hours spent working with our first assignment than we originally had planned. To get this kind of assignment feels exciting and giving, since it allows us to put all  power, focus and creativity in one genuine project. Because of this extensive work we have changed our priorities surrounding administrative issues regarding our company.

As we are a company which depends on its clients we feel that this order falls naturally. 

Our first project will be in motion until late september/beginning of october and hopefully even further. This will demand extensive work during both August and September. Parralel with this we are still working acording to the plan as we strive to get the website up and running, as well as registering the company at the tax office. In addition to this we are planning how to proceed with our company beyond the leapfrog project, this aspect goes hand in hand with how we will market our buisness.

Frida Liljeros - Stoff # 3


It has been a humbling experience to work with descision making whitin the project. It has been a process which has required a lot more time, patience and dialogue than we first expected.

Our customer relationships has probably been the most giving experience in the sense of working from an idea to a final product. With that said, it has been a privilege to work with the project during this summer. The fact that our idea recieved acknowledgment in this way and was lucky enough to get feedback from the workshop has been terrific and essential.

Every to descision you have to make with your client as well as whitin your company, takes time and effort, more so than we expected. There has been great varaiety in types of desciosons we've had to make, all from what type of buisness organisation to what colour of logo design etc.

The most enjoyable aspect of the project has been that all work has been done for our self's, it has still required a lot of responsibility but it's a different feeling when that responsibility comes from your own ambition.

For better or worse the project hasn't allways gone exactly as expected. The range of customers has been smaller than we hoped for and therefor we have come to reliease that we have to expand our buisness services to be able to survive as a company in the future. This goes hand in hand with gathering of more experience and knowledge through both working with this company and our education.

Yes we will continue to work with our projecct. It has been grateful to have had these three months as start up time and we feel super motivated to continue with our clients.

This might seem like a small note but we've come to terms that in the summer everybody has vacation, so it can be a bit of challange to get the people you need involved.

Some tips for future entrepreneurs:

Nothing goes according to the plan, so you should allways have good margins with time. This goes for the company as well as life.

-You cant fulfill every idea you get in three months time, and every idea is not ment to fit in the same frame.

-Kill your darlings (every idea is not a good one even if your mind and soul says so)

-Take one thing at a time