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Linnea Wenäll - Basal Femistry

linnea wenäll


Blog post #1


Describe the idea!

Hormonal contraception used today often come with several nasty side effects, while algorithms have shown to fail in their fertility prediction due to user input from manual basal body temperature readings. Apart from problems arising from fertility control, some experience symptoms caused by a high pH in the vagina. Basal Femistry aim to increase sexual and reproductive health by a vaginal ring that continuously regulates pH and measures basal body temperature.


Who are you? 

I have always had a strong interest in sexual and reproductive health. Thanks to studying Biomedical Engineering at LTH I have accumulated a skillset that bridges the gap between technology and health. During my first few years studying in Lund, I worked at VentureLab where I got to know Sweden’s startup scene. Before I started my university studies I spent a few years living and working abroad.


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time?

  • Customer research to further establish customer needs
  • Literature review of recent publications and products
  • Meet with professionals in gynecology and obstetrics to discuss product design
  • Gather knowledge regarding what hardware to use
  • Establish a plan towards CE compliancy


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs? 

  • Have a clear view of customer needs
  • Be up to date with the latest innovations and research in the area
  • Have a better understanding if the concept is viable or not
  • Have reached a point where I can start making prototypes with integrated electronics

Leapfrogs Working Group
LU Innovation, Sölvegatan 16
Box 117, 221 00 Lund

info [at] leapfrogs [dot] se