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Läs om två av projekten för 2013.
Read about two of the 2013 Leapfrog projects here.

Hi Erik Fälth...

Founder of the project Big Footprint Design together with Jens Thulin. Received a Leapfrogs check 2013. 


Erik Fälth


What is your project about?

We work with a pedagogic tool aiming at increasing the knowledge and abilities in how to live and develop our society in a more sustainable way for the environment. The tool is based on the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy which offers a more positive approach on how we should work with sustainability. The work is targeted on school children, the young generation – they are the ones who can initiate and lead the change in the future.


How did you come up with the business idea?

The idea to start a project within the field of sustainability emerged from the studies in sustainable urban development as part of the landscape architecture program. In conjunction with an assignment for the Ronneby municipality in Blekinge focusing on just pedagogic use of the Cradle to Cradle thinking, the idea was born to start a company out of the concept.  


Did Leapfrogs help your project move forward?

The project is in the middle of the three months with Leapfrogs support which allows full time work and concentration on the business. Apart from the important financial support provided, the fact that the project received a Leapfrogs check was a sign of recognition and belief in the idea. This was a crucial incentive to move ahead with the project and start up a company.

Working full time with the project also opens up for the opportunity to take care of administration and normally less prioritized task assignments which also will help moving the project forward. Things such as communication and website are also becoming more important when the project is starting to run fast when it is possible to focus full time.


What is the next step for your project?

Ronneby municipality, from where the project was born, is likely to become the first real customer and more talks with potential customers are on its way.


Would you recommend students to apply for Leapfrogs and do you have any advice to give them?

Yes! Receiving a Leapfrog check is a great acknowledgement of the idea and the money gives a rare opportunity to focus fulltime on your project.


Hi Rachelle Lacharité...

Originally from Canada, Rachelle has studied development studies in Lund and founded the project Boothie for which she got a Leapfrogs cheque in 2013.


Rachelle Lacharité


What is your project about?

My project is a photo booth set up for use at parties and other events.  Guests at events stand in front of a specialized background; take a picture of themselves by using a remote control; and the pictures print out directly, so each guest can bring their own copy home.


How did you come up with the business idea?

I got the project idea in 2011 after hosting my mum's 50th birthday party and during my time working at the Academic Society. I saw the need and interest for alternative event entertainment options and  the boring event photography that took place in the student world. During the Leapfrogs project in the summer 2013 I registered it as a Sole Trader company.


Did Leapfrogs help your project move forward?

The Leapfrogs money gave me time and resources to work more intensely with the project without worries for everyday expenses. It was very valuable to get the experience to be entrepreneur full time, where I gained insight and experience, which I can use in my project and in many other situations in my career. Another important aspect is also the legitimacy the Leapfrogs check. The fact that LU Innovation System believed in my idea and me was important for my self-confidence and hopefully to my customers. To be part of the Leapfrogs project was also important for marketing opportunities and visibility through the blog platform.


What is the next step for Boothie?

During the Leapfrogs project I was working 100% with my project. Now I will start working at the Venture Lab student incubator with a project for female entrepreneurship. During the coming months I will therefore work part-time with my business Boothie, and part-time with the VentureLab project. I was also granted an office in the VentureLab incubator, which is very valuable for the development of my project. There are a few projects ongoing and I have interesting collaborations coming up with larger companies for some of their marketing events.


Would you recommend students to apply for Leapfrogs and do you have any advice to give them?

I have already recommended my friends to apply! I recommend working hard to find a clear and concise way to describe your project so that the jury can understand your goals and how you intend to reach them. Also, it doesn't hurt to motivate what type of difference the Leapfrogs cheque will make for you and your project.