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Fredrik Gustafsson - Sentimentica



Fredrik Gustafsson - Sentimentica


Describe yourself and your project. How did you get the idea?

We read reviews from online markets and do a resume of thousands reviews. This makes it easy for the product owner and the developers to get to know what their customers really want. Even if they are unable to read all reviews themselfes.


Who are you? Previous education/jobs/ experiences etc.

I'm an electrical engineer with a software interest. I'm specially interested in demanding computing, either as small embedded systems or servers with heavy loads. Previously I've runned an internet community with thousands of members,

built embedded VoIP phones and administrated mixed software enviroments.


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time? 

Mostly developing our product. That's mostly typing on the computer, doing fullstack development it's hard to be precise.


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs? 

Taking our product from prototype to market. Refining our user experience is the huge challenge.

Fredrik Gustafsson - Sentimentica #2


Tell us what you have done on your project so far during the Leapfrogs time. 

We have pitched our product to a major company that might become our first customer. This is a sideline from our summer goal but we figured that it would be worth it. Our summer project is on track but a bit behind because of this. We also have done a lot of legal structuring of the company. This has taken a huge amount of time and was something we didn't plan for from the beginning.


Has everything gone according to the plan? Has anything unexpected occurred? Has something been easier/harder than expected?

As stated above, our legal issues has been a huge obstacle to tacle. Apart from that, we have changed focus and strategy for the technical implementation a few times, but this was something we knew would happen. There hasn't been any technical challenges we wasn't prepared for and we are happy with the way our product transforms.


What will you focus on during the remaining time? Will you follow your original plan or has anything changed along the way? 

We will continue working on our product. The side effects are that we easily will be able to spinn off new products with this product as a base. This was something we didn't anticipated from the beginning but we saw that the step to do this was so small that it's worth a try.

A secret marketing project is also under way, it will require some unplanned work but will probably be worth it PR wise. The great thing is however that it will make our product be more mature. It's a hard line to find how to fail fast and still make sure you give your idea a fair chance.

Fredrik Gustafsson - Sentimentica #3


How did you experience the three months?

A lot of up and downs. It has been a great experience, but I did not achieve the things I thought I was going to achieve. So it has been a great summer with a total different outcome.


What has been hardest/most enjoyable?

Doing a teamchange during the summer was huge challenge. The most enjoyable have been to meet all fellow companies. There has been a lot to learn from eachother and a lot of new contacts to be made.


Did it go as expected? Will you continue working on your project in the future?

It didn’t go as expected at all. We will continue working but at what pace is unclear. We’re behind schedule but still have great faith in our product.


What would you say is the most important lesson learnt while working on your project?

The most important lesson is unfortunately not to trust people and always have a backup plan. May it be investors or customers, never depend on a single one and never think a deal is done before it’s actually written and acted upon.


Do you have any tips to other ”new” entrepreneurs?

Team, team, team. Make sure you’ve a solid foundation to build your company on. Competence, money, and time to invest are all small things that is totally unimportant if you don’t have the team come together and work as a unit.