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Nan Jiang – Light Nest



Nan Jiang - Light Nest – Phototherapy Development for Jaundice Infants #1


Describe yourself and your project. How did you get the idea?

My project is aimed to develop a humanised phototherapy system for neonatal jaundice medical care.

Having fully experienced the pain to take care of a jaundice baby in hospital, I have a strong desire to develop a better phototherapy. By now, I have found out the main problems of current phototherapy products and going to solve them by combining technique materials, new sensor technology and user-centric design method.


Who are you? Previous education/jobs/ experiences etc.

I got my Bachelor and Master degree of Engineering at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2006-2013), and will complete my master program of Industrial Design in Lund University 2016. Having 3 years experiences working in medical care product design area, I am good at ergonomics research and user-centric design. It is also my great joy to find out problems in existing products then to solve them by redesigning. 


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time?

1)     01/06 – 21/06

Doing user research to identify user requirements.

2)     22/06-20/07

To design the lighting blanket. It needs to meet the requirements of ergonomics and available for low-cost manufacture. We will solve the problems between form and limitations on fabric optics weaving.

3)     20/07-10/08

Structure design of LED Units which is good for heat dissipation and manufacture.

4)     20/07-10/08

       Prototype making and refining design.


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs?

First, I plan to complete the design prototypes then to collect critical suggestions from both users and manufacturer.  Second, I hope to find potential business clients for next stage development through the leapfrog platform. I will try my best to update this project to a new level.

Nan Jiang - Light Nest – Phototherapy Development for Jaundice Infants #2

Tell us what you have done on your project so far during the Leapfrogs time.

01/06 – 28/06    I focused on user research, and did survey in Lund, Malmo and Beijing (online). I divided users into three group: jaundice infants, parents and medical stuff. By analysing their behaviours and workstyles, I have got a basic result of user requirements.

30/06 – 13/07   Based on user requirements, I refined my design of optic fabric blankets, to give it a sleeping bag looking but easily adjusted to different sized babies. Now I am in the blanket-making process, and trying to solve the problems in fabric optics weaving.


Has everything gone according to the plan? Has anything unexpected occurred? Has something been easier/harder than expected? 

The user research took me a longer time, but to analyse the results is not that difficult than I thought before. I was surprised to find that there are a lot in common on baby nursing care, even under different areas and cultures. Finding out user preferences, I can felt that the form of the lighting blanket was just shown in my mind. But relating to manufacture and material requirements, I still need to keep refining till find a relatively perfect one.


What will you focus on during the remaining time? Will you follow your original plan or has anything changed along the way?

I plan to finish the lightning blanket prototype before 25/07, then try my best to finish the LED Unit prototype.  It will also take me some time to test and back to redesign. Till now, my project is nearly well kept on my plan line, but I need to add one more part -user feedback, which will take at least 5 days, so I must be more efficient on work. It’s always worthy to spend enough time on users to ensure a good design.


Nan Jiang - Light Nest – Phototherapy Development for Jaundice Infants #3


How did you experience the three months?

I like the workshops very much. I am inspired by learning different business models and discussing with other teams.


What has been hardest/most enjoyable?

I like the group discussions most. Through the presentations and feedbacks, I found much problems and got the possible solutions at the same time.


Did it go as expected? Will you continue working on your project in the future?

I fulfilled 80% of the 3-month goal, and will keep on refining the design. My next plan is on the control part, to achieve its functionality in monitoring and diagnosis. At the same time, I will invite users to do participatory design and test the prototypes.


What would you say is the most important lesson learnt while working on your project?

Working on my project is a process in looking for solutions. Every time when you find possibilities, it also comes with some limitations. And every solution to overcome the difficulty finally contributes to a better design.


Do you have any tips to other ‘new’ entrepreneurs?

Keep open-minded and keep going in practice!