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Alexander Ekdahl - SmartTicket.nu



The idea came into my head sitting for what seemed like an eternity waiting for my iPhone 5 during launch. I had lost my phone the day before so I had nothing else to do but think of how this should be done better.


Previous education/jobs/experiences etc.
I study Computer Science and Engineering. When I'm not studying or working I'm constantly experimenting with computers and the their capabilities. I have literary hundreds of ideas that I would wish to do a Leapfrogs for!


Time will be mostly spent developing the product. For this product to work it has to be robust and not fail the customer when she least suspects it.


My goal is to have a minimum viable product by mid july. Something I can demo for other Leapfrogers so that I might get input!

SmartTicket.nu #2

So far I have mostly done programming work. I have also spent time investigating alternative solutions to my problem and prospective buyers. I'm exploring relatively new territory and many of the solutions only work in the latest of phones. A long with all development work comes a lot of learning so thats where I have spent most of my time.


So far the only issues I have run into are my own fault. At first I choose a strategy to advanced. Once I realized that the architecture could be simplified I redid everything in just a few days. The value in choosing proven technologies are enormous.


The plan is still to have a minimum viable product. I expect everything to be working by the of August. I also need to man up and start contacting potential partners who might be intersted in the technology and a merging. However it is a very niche market and the companies are all very old and rigourous. Sometimes I get the feeling the queue sytem market lacks innovation, and all of the engineers have moved on to other markets leaving only sales people.

SmartTicket.nu # 3


These three months have been fairly successful, the workshops did help broaden my view and scope of pursuing a project. I can finally say that I have some idea of what it means to work with a project from idea to market. Even though my product is not finished and ready for the market it is not far of.


The most enjoyable part has been the coding. Being a programmer by heart and having the time to really sit down and work with a product full-time has been great.


The hardest part is investigating competitors and analysing the real needs of the customers (and in turn their customers). There is no doubt that my product is better than the current solution but is it really what the market need? How much are they willing to pay for it? What should your pricing model look like? Those kinds of questions are very difficult to answer.


I will definitely continue working with my product. I believe it has potential and after telling friends and family I would hate to see it abandoned. I wanted to come up with a new name but that was harder than I first expected it to.


Not underestimating the value of second opinion. Having someone else look at your work and seeing it from a different angle can be extremely valuable. Especially if it is a topic where I have spent much time on.


Tips for new entrepreneurs:

Market analysis, googling for 30 minutes is not market analysis, taking your time interviewing potential customers, investigating alternatives can result in extremely valuable information further along in the product. Networking is also very important. Especially in a network such as leapfrogs where there is tons of potential and eager entrepreneurs who are comparatively cheap should you need something specific such as art, copywriting, IT or other miscellaneous services.