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Catarina Sörensen - Code for rookies

Catarina Sörensen - Code for rookies


I have recently started to work with this project, the idea is from when I started to study on the University and I had trouble to learn programing. In this project I will create an application were the user learns how programming works. The application will be tailor-made for programming studies at Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH). 

I am a master student at LTH and studying Information and Communication technology and I am having a master in usability and design. I have one out of five years to go and I am very passionate about developing user-friendly applications. Another thing I am passionate about is education and therefore I believe my project will turn out real good. 

I will spend the three months with research, creating different prototypes, implement the application and perform user test. The application will be simple, user friendly and create good illustrations but most of my time I will spend on designing the application and decide what the application will educate. 

In a personal level I want to become more experience in programming. In the project I want to achieve hopefully all the things stated in the question above. 

Catarina Sörensen - Code for rookies #2


I have done a lot so far during my Leapfrog project. I started with planning and creating a time table for the summer then I followed with a lot of research of the area, I continued with learning the things I needed for the project and I will in the future use the knowledge and create the application.

Some thing took longer than expected, it is always hard to estimate how long something will take. That has affected my work and delayed it a bit. The hardest thing I have done so far is to pitch my project at workshop number 2. 

As I mentioned above, the time schedule is delayed but I will try to get my application almost done during this summer. The implementation phase of the project is delayed and I will focus on get started with that as soon as possible. 

Catarina Sörensen - Code for rookies # 3


I had a blast working with my Leapfrog project so far! The idea I had were good and I would not spend the time it deserved if it were not for receiving the opportunity from Leapfrog. Sometimes it has been a bit boring because I am currently working alone but it is in the end of the day very inspiriting to do this project on my own.

The hardest part has been to work alone, the motivation in the afternoon has been a challenge for me but I am very exited about my project, which have led to some long evenings. The most enjoyable has been to see the project come true.

I will totally continue with my project but maybe not in full time. I am a bit after my time schedule so it did not go exactly as I planned but still in the right direction.

The most important lesson I learned is from the second workshop. I learned that my idea is actually really good witch felt really good and I got a lot of confidence concerning my idea from both the constructive and the positive feedback from the workshop.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

Train to pitch your ideas; it is necessary to pitch in so many situations. Be confident in your idea and have a lot of passion, which helps you every morning when you go up and are on your way to work on your idea.