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About Leapfrogs

Leapfrogs gives you the opportunity to receive financial funding, in order to test your business idea!

Do you have an idea which you've thought of for some time? Do you wish you could work full time on it to see if it could become something good? Or have you perhaps already worked on an idea but need more time and money to take it to the next level? We can help you!

Leapfrogs offers 33 000 SEK for full-time work on your business idea from June-August. In addition to the financial support, we also offer business development, workshops in e.g. sales pitching and you get access to a valuable network.

The idea behind Leapfrogs is to give you the opportunity to test your idea. It is perfectly fine to conclude that the idea won't work and that it's not worth working on any further. That just gives you the chance to think of another idea that might be the succeeding one! 

Leapfrogs is available for students at

  • Lund University,
  • Malmö University,
  • Kristianstad University and
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology

You can find more information for students at Malmö University at Mau Innovation.

News for Lund University students!

Do you have a project that wants to contribute to solving one of the major global societal challenges? Do you have an innovation that can create measurable and positive sustainability effects in the long term? Then our brand new sustainabilty fund may be interesting for you. The Sustainability fund for students will be structured in the same way as Leapfrogs. You apply in the same way as for the Leapfrogs application and click "yes" on the sustainability question. If you do not qualify for the sustainability scholarship, you still have the same chance as other applicants to recieve the Leapfrogs scholarship. The Sustainability scholarship will be carried out together with Leapfrogs, and you will have the same commitments and attend the same workshops. In addition to the framework of Leapfrogs, you will be offered additional support to bring your project forward. For more information, read the documents about obligations and criterias. 

Practical information

The project starts with a kick-off meeting for all selected Leapfrogs projects. Throughout the Leapfrogs project time, workshops will be organized with the purpose of providing skills that can be of use for your work with your Leapfrogs project. It is also an opportunity to meet and interact with the other students participating in Leapfrogs. 

If you are several people applying for the same project – apply with one application for each person. You cannot send in identical application. Since the cheque is awarded to an individual we will make an assessment accordingly. However, since we also want to support as many projects as possible we will generally award one cheque per project. In rare cases, we will award a maximum of two cheques per project.

Still got questions? Please check out our FAQ.

The application for Leapfrogs 2023 is now closed!

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info [at] leapfrogs [dot] se (info[at]leapfrogs[dot]se)