About Leapfrogs

Leapfrogs gives YOU the opportunity to receive financial funding, in order to test your business idea!


Students working with an idea.
Students working with an idea.

Do you have an idea which you've thought of for some time? Do you wish you could work full time on it to see if it could become something good? Or have you perhaps already worked on an idea but need more time and money to take it to the next level? We can help you!

Leapfrogs offers 30 000 SEK for full-time work on your business idea from June-August. In addition to the financial support, we also offer business development, workshops in e.g. sales pitching and you get access to a valuable network!

The idea behind Leapfrogs is to give you the opportunity to test your idea. It is perfectly fine to conclude that the idea won't work and that it's not worth working on any further. That just gives you the chance to think of another idea that might be the succeeding one! 

Leapfrogs is an initiative from LU Innovation and it's available for students at

  • Lund University,
  • Malmö University,
  • Kristianstad University,
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology and
  • SLU Alnarp.

What are you waiting for? Take the chance to realize your idea today!