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About Leapfrogs

Leapfrogs: Transforming Your Business Ideas into Reality

Funding Opportunity

Leapfrogs is excited to offer a unique opportunity for financial support, specifically designed to help you test and develop your business idea. Whether you're just starting or ready to elevate your existing project, Leapfrogs is here to assist!

What We Offer

  • A grant of 40,000 SEK for dedicated work on your business idea from June to August.
  • Comprehensive support in business development.
  • Interactive workshops focusing on different aspects of valuable insights for your idea.
  • Access to an invaluable network of professionals and peers.

Our Philosophy

The essence of Leapfrogs is to provide a platform for experimentation and learning. It's completely acceptable to discover that an idea may not be feasible. Such insights are valuable, paving the way for new, potentially successful ideas.


Leapfrogs is open to students from the following institutions:

  • Lund University
  • Malmö University
  • Kristianstad University
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

For Malmö University students, specific details can be found at  Mau Innovation.

Special Focus: Sustainability-Leapfrogs for Lund University Students

  • If your project aims to address global societal challenges and create long-term, measurable sustainability impacts, consider applying for the Sustainability-Leapfrogs.
  • This program aligns with the standard Leapfrogs but includes additional support for sustainability-focused projects.
  • Application process and obligations are similar to the general Leapfrogs program, with added emphasis on sustainability.
  • For detailed information, refer to our documentation on obligations and criteria, you can find them here: Application

Unsure if you should go for a regular leapfrog or a sustainability-focused one? Here's the deal for the sustainability grant, we're looking for projects that really embed sustainability at their core. Think back to why you started your project. Was tackling a sustainability goal the main driver, or is sustainability just a part of what you're doing?

Program Structure

  • The program commences with a kick-off meeting for all selected Leapfrogs participants.
  • Throughout the program, workshops will be conducted to equip you with essential skills for your project.
  • These sessions also serve as a platform for networking and collaboration with fellow participants.

Application Guidelines for Teams

  • If applying as a team, each member should submit an individual application.
  • Applications must be distinct; identical submissions are not accepted. However, the NABC section can be identical. 
  • Typically, one grant is awarded per project, with a maximum of two in exceptional cases.

Need More Information?

For further inquiries, our FAQ is a comprehensive resource. We encourage you to explore it for more insights into the Leapfrogs program.

Contact us

Questions? We are happy to help you!

info [at] leapfrogs [dot] se (info[at]leapfrogs[dot]se)