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Here you can find some frequently asked questions, and our answers.

Q is short for Question.
A is short for Answer.


Q: How do I apply for Leapfrogs?
A: The application process begins on Younoodle, accessible via a link on our website. Complete the application with details about yourself and your idea, and submit it through Younoodle.

Q: Are Leapfrogs and the Sustainability Leapfrogs the same?
A: They are distinct grants, but share a common application form. Both adhere to the same commitments and criteria, and workshops are joint sessions during summer. However, you cannot apply for both grants, you must choose one. 

Q: Can I include images in my application?
A: No, the Younoodle application form does not support the inclusion of pictures or graphs.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?
A: Applicants must meet specific formal and assessment criteria detailed on the Application page.

Q: Can I work or study while participating in Leapfrogs?
A: The program requires full-time commitment to your project for three months, without concurrent financial support from CSN.

Q: Is it possible to receive CSN payments along with Leapfrogs funding?
A: No, Leapfrogs participants are expected to take a study break to focus fully on their projects.

Q: Can I simultaneously participate in other competitions like Venture Cup?
A: Yes, participation in other competitions is allowed.

Q: What is the funding amount from Leapfrogs?
A: The total grant is 40,000 SEK, disbursed in two installments during the project period.

Q: Who can apply – individuals or teams?
A:Funding is awarded to individuals, not projects. Team members must apply separately, and there is no guarantee of multiple awards for a single project.

Q: Can several team members from one project apply?
A:Yes, but each individual must submit a separate application. Generally, one grant is awarded per project, with a maximum of two in certain cases.

Q: Can I apply with multiple ideas?
A:Yes, but each idea requires a separate application.

Q: Is reapplication possible if I have received Leapfrogs funding before?
A:Yes, but an individual can only receive Leapfrogs funding twice.

Q: Can international students or those studying abroad apply?
A: Yes, but attendance at the kickoff and workshops is mandatory. 

Q: Is repayment required if the project fails?
A: No, unless false information was deliberately provided in the application.

Q: What if I decide to cancel the project?
A: Further payments will be discontinued.

Q: Is a Swedish bank account necessary for payment?
A:No, it is not required.

Q: Should I use the maximum word limit in my application?
A: While brevity is appreciated, ensure your application is thorough and clear.

Q: Can I receive guidance on using the NABC model or developing my idea?
A: Yes, assistance is available from a business developer. Book these meetings in advance. Additionally, there will be a workshop on application writing in the spring.

For any other questions, please visit our detailed FAQ page or contact us directly for more information.


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