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Leapfrogs 2023

Discover what our 2023 Leapfrogs participants valued most from the program. 

Leapfrogs 2023
Leapfrogs 2023


"The Leapfrogs program opened doors to invaluable entrepreneurial networks and vital connections within Venture Lab, essential for my future endeavors." - Anonymous

"Financially, Leapfrogs was a game-changer for me. It gave me the freedom to fully commit to my project over the summer, without the distraction of a part-time job." - Anonymous

"The workshops were a goldmine of information. I particularly found Max's presentation inspirational; his insights were directly applicable to my own project." - Anonymous

"I found immense value in the community Leapfrogs created. Interacting with like-minded individuals and sharing ideas was both inspiring and motivating." - Anonymous

"As someone who struggles with self-direction, Leapfrogs gave me a structured opportunity to focus and develop my project, along with learning valuable communication skills." - Anonymous

"The Leapfrogs program isn't just about financial support; it's a journey of personal growth and inspiration. It truly transformed my perspective on entrepreneurship." - Anonymous

"Being part of a peer group with similar aspirations was incredibly beneficial. It kept us on track and opened up new networking opportunities." - Anonymous

"The flexibility and freedom to work solely on my project, provided by Leapfrogs, was highly valuable. It allowed me to reach my goals more efficiently." - Anonymous

"Leapfrogs' focus on sustainability resonated with me. It's encouraging to see a program that not only supports business ideas but also prioritizes sustainable solutions." - Anonymous

"The opportunity for full-time project work, coupled with the community and networking Leapfrogs offered, was the best part of my summer. It helped me take my project to new heights." - Anonymous

"I really appreciated the networking workshop with posters. It was a great way to meet people and discuss our projects in a more informal setting." - Anonymous

"Leapfrogs not only provided financial support but also a platform for significant personal development and the motivation to push my project forward." - Anonymous

"What stood out for me in Leapfrogs were the group discussions and the chance to collaborate with others who had similar project themes." - Anonymous

"The Leapfrogs program was a source of great inspiration. It's not just about developing a business idea; it's about growing as a person and an entrepreneur." - Anonymous

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