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Amanda Råsberg - Beast & me

Beast & me


The company has two members, Ingrid Roth and Amanda Råsberg. We met in school, as we both study the same thing. We are developing a new product for dog owners and Ingrid came up with the idea in a design class last year.

I am 24 years old and stay in Lund. I am studying mechanical engineering with industrial design at Tekniska högskolan in Lund, and I will soon finish my master thesis that is about increasing the customer experience in e-packaging.

We will finish the final design of the product together with the manufacturers and get in touch with stores/retailers, to find resellers of our product.  We will also start developing a packaging for the product, find manufacturers for it, develop our website and possibly extend it to a web shop.

At the end of the summer our product will hopefully be fully developed and ready to get out on the market. We will have a running website and perhaps even a web shop. We will have few sets of our product ready for exhibiting it to the retailers.

Beast & me #2


 We have continued to work on our homepage and web shop. Also we have further developed our logotype and put together a folder about the product to show prospective retailers. We have discussed details about the design and material of the product with manufacturers, and are waiting for a product sample in the chosen material.

Overall the work with the project has gone as planned. The biggest problem so far has been, as we expected, that people we need get in touch with are on summer vacation. During the development of the homepage I have had lot of questions and it has taken longer than expected, I have worked with small details for hours. Even if it has taken much time, something good has come out of it since I have really learned a lot.

We will keep working with the homepage and set up meetings with retailers. We will also start thinking about how to package the product. We hope that the next prototype from the manufacturer looks as expected, so we can order a test collection and open our web shop.

Beast & me # 3


It has been such a great opportunity and experience to get to work full time with our project, I am so happy that I got this chance! This summer I have enjoyed being my own boss and being able to put all my focus on our company. I have had a great experience with Leapfrogs and I have accomplished a lot during these three months

The hardest thing has been to reach people I have been trying to contact, due to summer vacations, and this has slowed things up a bit. The most enjoyable part has definitely been to be able to work full time with this project. It is really impressive to being able to be your own boss and to see the project grow into a real life company.

We did not get as far as planned with the project during the summer, as we did not expect all these vacations, but I am very happy with all the things I have accomplished thanks to this scholarship. My partner and I will keep working with the project and we hope to launch our product sometime during the fall.

Set up your own deadlines and make sure to stick to them, and make to do lists. This way it is easier to motivate yourself to go to the office instead of the beach as you can see exactly what you are supposed to do a specific day before you are free to do whatever. Also, make sure to try to contact people far in advance if you have to reach them before a deadline, as they might not answer as quickly as you do.

My tips for "new" entrepreneurs:

Go for it! I have learned so much since I got on this project and I am so happy that my partner and I had the courage to believe in our idea so much that we decided to develop it into a company. Contact VentureLab or another business incubator to get advice and help on how to start, those people have so much experience that they are eager to share with you.