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Hampus Sahlin - Swiftcourt


Hampus Sahlin - Swiftcourt


My name is Hampus Sahlin and I´m in charge of the technical development and programming in Swiftcourt. Two of my partners are lawyers and the idea of Swiftcourt® was awakened out of a desire that no one, regardless of economic status or ability to run a process, should be denied the right to a fair trial.

I’m a soon to be engineer in mathematics and I have a lot of experience in variety of programming languages. I also hold previous startup-experience from the start up Axibus, where I was in charge of the development of a route algorithm.

During these three months I will finalize the development of the Swiftcourt dispute resolution platform at first. Thereafter I will start the API-development and integration of the platform in customer services. I will also refine the platform and optimize the functionality from a UI/UX-perspective.

The Swiftcourt platform will be operative and we will have our first income from the arbitration service. The API-development will also be completed and at the end of the summer Swiftcourt shall be integrated in 5 customer services adding safety to their services and transactions.

Hampus Sahlin - Swiftcourt #2


During my Leapfrog time I’ve been able to finalize the development of our Dispute Resolution Platform and fulfilled one of my main goals. The development of the platform has consisted of both backend- and frontend-programming. The Swiftcourt service also depends on high security and non-disclosure so I’ve work really hard with encryption of user-info and the material of each dispute. Swiftcourt launched last week and are now fully operational and in live-mode, starting to gain traction on the market.

So far, everything has gone more or less as planed. We prepared for launch in june, but was a bit late due to the complexity of our encryption. The hard development work has finally paid of and we’re making progress each day. The development though, is the “easiest” part of the work. Now it is time to gain market traction and our first customers, a barrier harder to cross than anything in the life cycle of a startup-company.

The next step is to fix bugs and make improvements on the platform based on market input. During this week I will integrate a e-signing-service in order to make the process faster and more user-friendly, but also more secure from a legal perspective. Based on that, I will also start our API-development of our ad-on-service, Swiftcommerce. This service is to be integrated in Online Transaction Platforms. One customer integration is already underway.

Hampus Sahlin - Swiftcourt # 3


These three months have been really valuable for me and for the company. It gave me the opportunity to work fulltime and made it possible for us to launch our service and continuously make improvements to be fully prepared for intense operations after this summer. With the help of Leapfrogs, I could give my full attention and focus to Swiftcourt without ever thinking about money and what I should eat the following day.

The most enjoyable moment during these three months was when I finally was able to complete the development and soon after launched our dispute resolution platform. Thereafter I have been able to keep on developing without any stress. The launch itself has been valuable with both input from users and a lot of shown interest from investors and media. The hardest thing has actually been to keep up focus and motivation with the sun burning outside.

Before the three months started, we had a sit-down and planned the whole summer and everything that we hade to do. So far, we’ve been able to follow that plan in all aspects (with a few minor slips along the way). The last month will be spent on preparing for an intense fall. We will (hopefully) close our first financial round in August and then we will work hard to expand our business operations in Sweden as well as in the Nordics and the US.

The most important lesson learned was to focus, focus, focus… You have to stay focused in what you do. Many “opportunities” (potential partnerships, co-operations, business proposals etc.) come across every day. You need to carefully decide what is best for the company and your business to avoid getting side-tracked. I think you have to do ONE thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly. Our team have therefor a introduced a decision-structure that is based on our core-values. It helps us to take right and effective decisions and to keep FOCUS.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

I think it’s really important to know what you do, and thereby start your company with what you do know. It’s pointless to start a business just because it seems cool to be an entrepreneur. Do what you love and find that one thing that you are really good and passionate about. A strong business is built around your strengths and talent. High profit margins are as important as your happy will to manage and grow your company every day. If it hurts, you will not be successful.