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Klas Moldéus - Inomhusnavigering på museum



Klas Moldéus - Inomhusnavigering på museum


Through work in the student incubators at KTH and in Lund I have co-founded AudioApps – aiming to make museum visits more fun and interesting by using smartphone technology. The idea came from the big difference experienced when visiting museums with and without a guide, and with AudioApps we wanted to improve the visitor experience without a guide; and at the same time give the museum a modern and powerful tool to communicate with the visitors.

I am a recent master graduate in International Development and Management from Lund University. Before Lund, I did my bachelor studies at KTH in Stockholm. Besides 2 years of work experience with AudioApps, my studies in Lund gave me the opportunity to gain work experience from Nairobi, Kenya, where I worked for the social startup eLimu that aim to innovate education in Kenyan schools by using new technology

We will continue to develop our technology together with our current customers. We will also launch a new website, develop projects and prepare fundraising for fall -14 and spring -15, and launch a new campaign aiming to drastically increase our customer base during the next months. Summertime also gives opportunity to focus more on testing and developing new ideas, which is something that we also aim to do in these three months.

During the Leapfrogs time we aim to achieve:

-Successful development of our platform to better fit our customers’ needs

-Launch a new website, and simultaneously launch a new campaign giving more museums the chance to try our system and develop a guided tour together with us. We aim to make at least 5 new museums try our system.

Klas Moldéus - Inomhusnavigering på museum #2


We have been developing our new website, which we plan to launch during July. We have also been working together with old and potential new partners to further develop our product, and we hope to soon be able to present some exciting new updates and projects. Lastly, we have started assessing new potential customer segments that we plan to begin targeting during the fall, as well as started developing new projects that we plan to apply for in the end of the summer.

There are always some delays in your plans from what you imagined. For example, we have been talking with some potential future partners, but so far we have not been able to establish any new collaborations. The processes are often slower than you expect, and it is important to not be impatient in such situations and stay focused. We will keep on working on these partnerships, while simultaneously also look for other customer segments to be able to reach new customers from other areas.

We will continue according to plan. We aim to launch our website in July, and in August we will finish our project applications, start reaching out to new customer segments and send out a campaign offer to all museums concerning a special offer for a limited number of museums during the fall. We also have a deadline for our product development for the 1st of August. If everything goes according to plan, we will then have a new project to start developing right after that.

Klas Moldéus - Inomhusnavigering på museum # 3


These 3 months have been very productive, fun, challenging, rewarding and interesting. I have learnt a lot, and have also had time and opportunity to take the next step with the company. The leapfrog project allowed me to focus on learning new things and has resulted in a lot of productive, positive result both for me and for the company.  Overall, the leapfrog project has laid a great foundation for the work the coming fall and winter.

The hardest thing has been to decide on strategies for the company for the future. We have a lot of different ideas about how to develop; and to decide which ideas are worth investing time and energy in is hard. In the end, the right amount of initial research followed by a short execution period before evaluating the idea is the way we’ve gone about it.

The most enjoyable aspect has been the positive feedback we have received for what we do; both in form of new customers and good publicity.

Most activities have gone according to plan, while others have changed during the three months as a result of updated or modified goals. But overall we have continued work according to plan, and we will definitely continue working with our project in the future. This summer’s work has resulted in many new opportunities for us;  especially a new contract that we have signed with a customer that we are very excited about and will keep us busy and hard working for the next 6 months.

Firstly, the importance of setting goals and planning your work concerning time and activity. This is important so that you always will be working in the right direction, even though you don’t evaluate your activities every day. This kind of planning doesn’t take much time and is not hard to do, but has a great effect on your work.

Secondly, learn to say no and avoid signing up for the “wrong” projects, even though it is tempting in the beginning to say yes to everything coming your way.

Allow yourself time to find the right idea that you are passionate about. But once you find it, start trying it out right away and don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, modify and to let the idea develop. Make sure to find an environment that gives you support, context and colleagues that are as motivated and driven as yourself. Of course, you can start developing your idea without making any radical changes or quit your daily job; start trying it out in your free time! Set a time for evaluating the idea, for example “in 3 months time I will decide whether my idea works or not.” This way you will stay open for failure and be able to move on and work on your best ideas.