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Robin Thiberg- Innoscentia

Robin Thiberg - Innoscentia


My name is Robin Thiberg born in Gothenburg and raised in Lund since the five past years. Recently I graduated from the master program Technology Management. The project I am involved in is called Innoscentia and offers ink and licenses for indicators on food packaging materials based on nanotechnology. The indicator consists of a thin layer, printed on the inside of a transparent plastic film with its color visible from both sides. For conventional printing, the ability to print a logo is optional with a typical size of the indicator between 1-2 cm2.

I have a previous background as a business student at Lund University wit a Master degree in Technology Management. Until I decided to get an education I played tennis at an international level and was a part of the Swedish national team. As an affect of my achievements in sports I am highly motivated and determined to reach results. As an example I worked for Prisjakt the past summer as a business developer. The project that lasted over the summer resulted in a new service provided to the companies listed on the webpage. The service now provides companies with important information available in three different price ranges depending on the size of the information.

Me and my team will try to get an deeper understanding of the market we are trying to reach as well as raise capital to further develop the product and find a partner were we can try the product in stores. Basically, we are going to explore the market, execute a market research, talk to packaging companies etc. A lot of field work will characterised these three months.

As much as I wish for our project to succeed and reach the market, I also want to learn more about the entrepreneurial life and further explore my entrepreneurial spirit. Off curse I want to contribute to the other participants and their projects as well as receive input on my own project.

Robin Thiberg - Innoscentia #2


We have followed up some leads during this time and have spoken to many companies that can be potential future customers. During these meetings we have discussed the technology as well as the possible obstacles the technology might meet in production. 

We have got more positive attention than we thought so early in the project. As I mentioned above the challenge at the moment is to find solutions so that the technology can be applied in production without limiting the potential customers. 

The Innosensia team will focus on finding a production company that can produce the technology since the packaging companies didn´t showed great interest in produce it by them self. That combined with further discussion with packaging companies to find the best way of attaching the technology on food packages. 

Robin Thiberg - Innoscentia # 3


The program gave me a stress relief from the need to provide for my self during the summer and a chance to fully focusing on our project. Also, to work full time with a project or as an entrepreneur was really something I enjoyed and a great experience what you can accomplish by yourself during that short amount of time.

The hardest things has been overcome obstacles connected to the project as well as explain the concept and possibilities in order to get the potential costumer to get the feeling of what we trying to do. Most enjoyable has been to put all your time and energy into one project.

During this time we put our name and project out there and the response has been remarkable so early in this project. The past week it has been difficult since we didn´t get the patent for the visual indicator we were hoping for. However, we have filed a new patent application for an RFID solution so it is still likely that a patent will be issued. 

To have a game plan for every week and talk to as many costumers as you can. Their direct feedback and response will be crucial in order to get your product or service attractive for them. It is also great input to use in the iterative process when developing your product. Also, always be prepared when meeting costumers it will improve your odds of them liking you and your product.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

Do not be afraid of asking costumers for meetings and inputs. Often they are gladly to help IF it could benefit them in the future. Also, do not be afraid of talking about your project. We do it all the time and it has opened many new doors without even asking for it. People talk to people, make them talk about your project and don’t be afraid that someone should steal your idea.