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Hannes Johansson - Proteinlabbet

Hannes Johansson - Proteinlabbet


Describe yourself and your project. How did you get the idea?

My name is Hannes Johansson and I am working on a project called Proteinlabbet. It is a protein/nutrition web-shop where the users define and mix their own protein-supplement by picking the pure ingredients, taste and other supplements to their liking. We provide full nutritional facts of your creation to help you shape the perfect supplement for your life.  A perfect solution for the modern human that cares about their nutrition intake, vegetarians and athletes alike.


Who are you? Previous education/jobs/ experiences etc. 

I am currently studying my last year of Engineering of Information & Communications Technologies. During my studies I participated in a Demola project and that led to me meeting many smart people with great ideas. Together we decided to start Proteinlabbet, where I have worked with developing the web-shop. Parallel to that I have worked with some Android development and other projects related to organizations connected to Lund University.


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time? 

Now when we have the basic platform for creating and buying mixes, the next step is to improve and refine the purpose of the site. In the future, the big companies do not define the products available to buy. We want to give the experts, our users, which are nutritional experts and elite athletes the tools and incentives to shape and promote their own products and share it with their audience.


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs?

I plan to be able to design and develop a feature that lets people manage and share their products in an effective way. This involves everything from being able to design custom bags for their nutrition supplement and include a description about the creator together with the product in the store. New ways for people to discover mixes that fit their specific need and situation also are in development.

Hannes Johansson - Proteinlabbet #2


Tell us what you have done on your project so far during the Leapfrogs time. 

So far, we have focused a lot on evaluating the current state of the website and decided on what features that needs to be developed next. We have taken contact with suppliers, collaborators and customers to find out what requirements they have and what opportunities they can provide. This has led to a few key areas that we will focus on during the rest of the leapfrog process.


Has everything gone according to the plan? Has anything unexpected occurred? Has something been easier/harder than expected? 

The development part of the project has had some ups and downs. We have had some technical challenges with some standard web development procedures such as search engine indexation and overall website performance. We are continuously working with these challenges but have managed to solve some of them already. The development of the new features has gone a lot smoother and we hope that it stay that way for the foreseeable future.


What will you focus on during the remaining time? Will you follow your original plan or has anything changed along the way? 

We have identified the need to give more support to the customers that need some extra help to get starting using our service, either when choosing their first purchase or when creating their first custom product. We want to do so by making the customer share information about their current situation and what goals they want to achieve. With this information the customer will both get an instant automatically created recommendation, that they can act on directly, and a tailor-made and more in-depth explanation a day later.

Hannes Johansson - Proteinlabbet #3


How did you experience the three months?

The three months were an amazing opportunity to work on the projects. To be able to dedicate full time to the project makes a lot of difference. Both in how much you get done  and in how you define the project. When project is in total focus you spend all of your time thinking about how it can fit into the rest of the world. Suddenly you find new ideas and opportunities everywhere.


What has been hardest/most enjoyable?

The hardest part has been to bring together all of the little things. While working with consumer facing IT, everything from loading times to SEO and web design needs to be working on an acceptable level. The most enjoyable part has been seeing all of these parts come together after a long time of hard work with the project. It is really enjoyable to see the result of months of work actually run in a live environment.


Did it go as expected? Will you continue working on your project in the future?

The leapfrog time has been a perfect time to refine what the project actually is. To try out different ways and find out what works and what we should focus on. And working with a project that has a heavy software development part has been quite a challenge in that regard. Some of the “easy” features became considerably more difficult to implement than estimated, while others have gone a lot quicker. The current plan is to continue work with the project even after the leapfrog period is over, which is really exciting!


What would you say is the most important lesson learnt while working on your project?

That you can never know what works before testing it out. Things that you take for granted sometimes will not work, while some ideas that seem stupid might be genius. The real challenge is not to come up with the right ideas, it is to be able to evaluate the result from a test of an idea and tell if is good or not. The business development is as much about finding out what NOT to do as what to actually do.


Do you have any tips to other ”new” entrepreneurs?

The most important thing is to actually do stuff. Try things out to find out if they work. It is usually easier to just go and test which “way” is the best, instead of spending a lot of time judging different options. More action and less thinking. You cannot succeed without trying things out. And whatever the outcome is, at least you will have learnt something.