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Ivar Bergkvist - FightNode


Ivar Bergkvist - FightNode


My name is Ivar Bergkvist, I'm 24 years old and live in Malmö, Sweden. FightNode is a mobile application and web service where martial arts practitioners can document, store and share martial arts techniques. The application is free to use for anyone training or interested in martial arts. We discovered the need for FightNode while training ourselves. 

The team behind Fightnode is composed of four persons. I am studying for masters of engineering, applied physics at Lund University. My brother Hannes is a development engineer and we have been running another company, Systir AB, since 2011. With us we have our friends Nicklas and Anna. Nicklas is a software engineer. Anna is a media analyst and communications strategist.

During the three months with leapfrogs I´ll develop and test the network service needed for the communication between mobile devices. 

After these three months FightNode should be ready for launch of an early beta version for extended testing.

Ivar Bergkvist - FightNode #2


During the time with leapfrogs I have continued to develop the network service needed for handling communication between mobile devices using our application. The server has been configured and a test version of the Network service has been deployed. Modules for user authentication, database storage and image upload have been completed and tested with a browser driven test tool. The service is ready for testing with mobile devices. 

There have been a lot of changes since we have to adjust to input from test users, which is expected. We still have not encountered any major unexpected problems. Therefore our core technologies have stayed unchanged. It has been hard to estimate the user behaviour and dimension the service. This will be easier when we expand our testing to larger groups. 

During the rest of the time with leapfrogs I will continue to develop the Network service. The current video upload module needs to be replaced and the error handling needs improvements. We will extend the user tests to more and larger groups. The users will be testing against the network service with a beta version of the mobile application. The goal is to launch an open beta-version of the network service and mobile applications when the time with leapfrogs is up. 

Ivar Bergkvist - FightNode # 3


The three months with leapfrogs have been great. We have made progress that would have taken far more time if done in parallel with studies or other work.  There has not been much, if anything at all, to complain about.

To see constant progress is what have been most enjoyable. No distractions from school, work or similar. We have also met a lot of people dedicated sports we focus on which have been very fun and enlightening.

It has been hard to find good places to work. During the summer a lot of open office spaces are closed and sitting at home for an extended period of time is not preferable.

We are on schedule and the development for both server and client devices has gone well without major complications. We started to test the product in a very early stage and received positive and constructive critic. I will continue to work with FightNode together with the rest of the team after leapfrogs. We aim to launch a first version late autumn 2014.

Leapfrogs is a great opportunity to propel the progress of a project. It is important to get going as fast as possible and to make the most of the three months given. 

Leapfrogs shows just how much one can achieve when dedicating full time to a project.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

Just do it, but think hard while doing it. Use the free support provided from different institutes and organisations and start testing your idea or product as early as possible.