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Emil Hermansson - Gifsnake

Emil Hermansson - Gifsnake


I’m a 21 year old student at Lund University studying economics. I have also a great interest in technology. My idea is to develop a solution, Gifsnake, for finding pictures especially suited for usage in chat conversations. I got the idea after spending a lot of time in Facebook chatting.

I’m raised two miles south of Gothenburg and have been studying business programme at Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet before starting my studies in Lund.  I have also been working as a sailing instructor and doing some websites for fun. 

During the Leapfrogs time I will learn more about programming so I can make my project work. Then I will spend as much time as possible building the solution. I will work in periods where some are more intensive only focusing at the project.

I hope to achieve a fully functioning product that could be tested by a broader audience. I also hope they will enjoy the product and could give me feedback so I can develop it even more.

Emil Hermansson - Gifsnake #2


I have been working with the planning of my project, refining my idea and working out a plan that could be made real. I have also been studying more programming and learnt about the specific parts that I would need to include in my final product. In between this I have also been writing down ideas about marketing, filters, tags, presentation and social media connections.

Things often tend to take longer time than expected. Especially when there are new tasks that I have not done before. This have made my reevaluate and adjust my plans. Especially as I am very new to coding and have to spend a lot of time learning at the same time that I am working with my project. It also hard to imagine the final product when you work with different small parts all the time.

I will try to make it possible to finish a beta version of the product before the remaining time runs out. To do so I will focus even more at the coding and learning making my way forward. I will need to direct more time on building the different parts so I can make them work together. It is first when I have a working solution that I can start working with advertising and stuff. 

Emil Hermansson - Gifsnake # 3


My experience of these three months has been great.  I have spent a lot of time learning about programming too be able to build Gifsnake. However I have come to the conclusion that the Gifsnake project has been harder than I have expected, and due to my lack of skills in programming I will not be able to finish the project this summer.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity I have received thru the Leapfrog experience this summer. I think the most important lesson I have learnt is not to underestimate the knowledge needed to turn ideas into products in the world of software. Even thou projects in the internet seams quite easy to understand, the mission of turning them into a functioning product requires a lot of understanding, which takes a lot of learning, time and commitment.

My aim is still too learn more programming and hopefully we will be able to see the final Gifsnake product in the future. Until then I wish the best of luck for all programmers out there and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas of improvement of the Gifsnake project.