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Fredrik Leifland - Quixter

Fredrik Leifland - Quixter


Quixter is a new payment solution that makes it possible for you to pay with your hand. Forget cash, cards and pin codes. The only thing you need is your hand!

I’m Fredrik Leifland a student in industrial engineering and management at Lunds Tekniska Högskola. At the moment I’m doing my master in business and innovation.

During the summer I will be working a lot with marketing and how we should expand in the best way.

Fredrik Leifland - Quixter #2


We have been focusing on the hardware design and functionality. We have finished to PCB layout and the design and ordered PCB prototypes for hardware and integration testing. Along with that we have made the 3D design for the plastic covers to the terminal. We SLS printed prototypes of the plastic cover and tried the assembly process. The production line has been secured and initial orders of critical components have been placed.

Almost everything has gone according to the plan. We had some issues with certain hardware components that have been under dimensioned and not met our requirements. This has lead to some functionality issues and leakage current, but all components has been identified and replaced. To secure the supply chain has taken a lot of time and we had some problem with long production time for some components.

The remaining time we will focus on two things. We will set up an assembly and testing process with quality guidelines and testing procedures. After this is done we will start to work with a marketing plan and strategy for the rest of the year. We have pretty much followed our plan. The PCB design has taken more time than expected because we needed to make a more complex PCB to get the functionality we wanted. 

Fredrik Leifland - Quixter # 3


It has been very hot:).  It has been great to have the ability to work with Quixter all summer and Leapfrog has really helped me to keep focus and improve my project. I think Leapfrogs have given me the opportunity to improve my project in a much faster pace.  I’ve had the possibility to only focus on the project.  So it’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot.

The only big issue that’s occurred is that many people are on vacation during the summer. A consequence to that is that some deals taken a lot more time than expected.  

The hardest thing has been to prioritise. We have a lot of ideas and have been forced to prioritise to be able to deliver in time. And that’s been a recurring problem, that we don’t have enough manpower. But I think it’s a common and almost mandatory problem for a startup.

The most enjoyable with this summer has been to see the project develop. To finish all the small pieces and then put it together to a big functional system. We’ve also closed a couple of for us big deals and that has really encouraged me to work even harder.

Absolutely, although there have been many setbacks we manage to hold our timetable and achieve our goals. So I would say that the outcome has been as expected but in a kind of different way. When the project started I had a clear image of how I should do thing, when and how it would look like. But over time we came up with better solutions and could get better outcome. I will definitely keep on working with Quixter in the future.   

I would say that the most important lesson I’ve learned is that everything takes a lot of time and that you should always count think about that. For example, we ordered some sample PCBs and they said that the delivery time was 15 days. What we didn’t think of was all the administration before the order like generating the right file types, deciding the manufacturing process together with the manufacturer. Al those email took and decisions took over a week. So suddenly we had 22 days before we got the PCBs. 

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

Just go for it. Be aware of that it’s going to take a lot of time and that you always need to keep improving you idea. My best tips I would say that you should be prepared for setbacks, and a lot of them too. But remember that a setback or failure is just a way you shouldn’t do a thing. So do it again and you will be one step closer to success.