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Eric Wall - Funmaker Sweden Silent Party

Eric Wall - Funmaker Sweden Silent Party


Describe yourself and your project. How did you get the idea? 

I was sitting by the beach in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia last year when a pimped out van drove up on the grass next to me. The van quickly transformed into a DJ booth with these guys handing out illuminated headphones to everyone. Soon, an amazing party started happening right there on the beach. I had the best night of my life and fell in love with the concept--silent party. I'm following my dream to let Sweden experience the same thing.


Who are you? Previous education/jobs/ experiences etc. 

I’m a 24 year old guy from Linköping, currently studying the InfoCom programme at LTH. I have never really been able to decide if I want to be a geek or an adventurer. With the Silent Party gig going on I feel like I can finally be both. It’s like technologically induced awesomeness, which actually happens to be the perfect description of myself aswell. A technologically induced awesome guy.


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time? 

First, I'm going to have to buy a car. Then I'm going to paint it. Then I'm going to need DJ:s. After that I'll be working as much as possible with looking into where and how to throw the parties. It doesn't matter where as long as there's people willing to dance. Then I'm just going to try to make this summer as awesome for everyone as I can, throwing as many parties as possible. People need to get out of those club's basements!


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs?

I hope to enable the community of Lund and Malmö in a new way of partying. The Silent Party experience is something really extraordinary everyone should get to experience. I want to be able to deliver the same experience I felt that night on the beach of Byron Bay that filled me up with such positive energy. If I’m successful, maybe I can start a movement.

Eric Wall - Funmaker Sweden Silent Party #2


Tell us what you have done on your project so far during the Leapfrogs time. 

In the beginning of July I received permission from the police to host the first Silent Party of the summer in the City Park of Lund. I purchased a company vehicle which has now been repainted with the help of amateur/street spray artists and is now the “Funmaker car”. The party was hosted on the 11th of July with over 100 guests with 3 amateur DJs playing all night long.


Has everything gone according to the plan? Has anything unexpected occurred? Has something been easier/harder than expected? 

The Silent Party event became massively popular and attracted 952 people attending on Facebook while I only had 100 headphones. There was an article in Sydsvenskan (http://www.sydsvenskan.se/lund/i-afton-dans--med-horlurar/) about the party. During the party, the guy responsible for renting out headphones got overwhelmed so he had to stop, and some people disturbed two of my DJs so they left half-way in. I had to DJ 2 channels myself at the same time while renting out the rest of headphones myself.


What will you focus on during the remaining time? Will you follow your original plan or has anything changed along the way?

I’m already planning the next party. My goal was to host 5 parties this summer, but it’s more likely I’ll have time for 3. Apart from that there is no significant change to my original plan.

Eric Wall - Funmaker Sweden Silent Party #3


How did you experience the three months?

 These three months have been extremely fruitful. I’ve had one extremely successful silent party event in the city centre so far. This weekend I’m co-hosting a silent festival in The Netherlands for over 600 guests. The newspaper article written about my project attracted the interest of the city and there are 4 more events planned next month.


What has been hardest/most enjoyable?

I made the decision to DJ on one of the 3 channels of the party myself. That was definitely the hardest part considering I had no DJ experience. I still don’t consider myself a DJ at all, but I truly enjoyed seeing so many people dance to the tracks I was playing. It was a great feeling.


Did it go as expected? Will you continue working on your project in the future?

I never anticipated there would be such a high demand for this sort of party and the feedback was incredible. I will definitely keep working on this project, but it’s likely that there will be less activity when the summer is over.


What would you say is the most important lesson learnt while working on your project?

My project was focused around event organising. For such a project I’d say something really important I’ve learnt is this would have been impossible if I hadn’t involved my friends and letting them help me. For me it worked out so wonderfully that they were even thankful to be able to be a part of it.


Do you have any tips to other ”new” entrepreneurs?

Keep all receipts right from the start in a specific folder.

Document your journey! Take pictures and videos.

Don’t be afraid. Go for it. The worst thing that can happen is failing and that’s still a huge lesson and a useful experience.

If someone is working on a similar idea as you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your project is doomed. It means you’re on the right track!