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Freja Ljungdell Kristensen - SleepCarrier


Freja Ljungdell Kristensen - SleepCarrier


In November 2012 me and Niklas were supposed to put Niklas niece to sleep and she would only fall asleep when she was carried. After 40 minutes, all of us sweaty, she fell asleep. We were chocked, is it supposed to be this hard? After this experience we invented the SleepCarrier. This horizontal baby carrier is one of a kind and it also serves as a carry cot, baby nest and a mattress. 

For as long as I remember I’ve been working as a seller, it started with flowers in the neighbourhood and over the years I’ve been working in several shops. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and beside the company I’m a student at the faculty of law. Niklas, the other founder of SleepCarrier, has a managerial background and a master in business and administration.

I’m going to focus on sales. I hope to reach out to a lot of baby shops and also to media. A part from sales I’m going to do some designing, doing an add on product and also a brochure.

I want that one will be able to find SleepCarrier in shops all over the country and that we will be able to raise the awareness of the amazing functions of SleepCarrier. I also expect that I will start developing our next product, probably a SleepCarrier blanket. 

Freja Ljungdell Kristensen - SleepCarrier #2


In 19th of June we launched SleepCarrier, and the response has been fantastic. My partner and I have called and visited baby shops and in 10 days we sold about 40 units. We have focused on sales this month but we have also been working on a new users manual and we produced a movie together with CR film that explains SleepCarrier. In June we also had our first meeting with our advisory board and it went perfectly! 

The one thing that we have learned is that nothing will go according to the plan. In the last month it has gone better than planned. We created a fantastic movie, we had our first meeting with our advisory board and last but not least we launched our product that we´ve been working with for over one and a half year and it went great. You can buy SleepCarrier at NK in Stockholm amongst other places– how cool isn’t that?

I will still be focusing on sales but we noticed that it is vacation time now so I think it might be quite difficult in July and a bit better in August. The plan is still to get the manual and a brochure done by the end of the month and that I will be able to find nice fabric to a SleepCarrier blanket. 

Freja Ljungdell Kristensen - SleepCarrier #3


A lot of work. As an entrepreneur you need to be able to do so many things that you have never done before and that was a real eye opener for me. But it was fun and I learned a lot. I think that Leapfrogs is a really good thing because it made it possible for me to focus 100 % on SleepCarrier!

The hardest thing has been to develop new products and do the artwork for them. It has also been hard to get in contact with people during the summer, due to vacation time. The most enjoyable thing has been to sell and visit the stores. One can now buy SleepCarrier in 10 stores around the country. Some of the stores have already sold out their stock and made new orders, that feels awesome!

Yes it did. We launched SleepCarrier in June and have been working on getting more stores to start selling SleepCarrier. We have some interesting meetings now in August as well. I’m going to continue working part time during the semester and my partner (Niklas) will continue working full time.

That doing a thing that you have planned takes so much longer time than you planned for. And also that you need to learn new things and do things that you think is uncomfortable. Another thing that I’ve learned is that hard work pays off! When we dug in and worked our buts of it gave results. Even if it is hard sometimes you have to remember that there is no one else doing the work for you.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

If it is possible, try to make other people working for you without paying them. Use interns that want to learn new stuff. We had one of our first prototypes done by an excellent student in Borås and both her and we learned a lot from that project. Another suggestion is to say YES to almost everything. You don’t ever know what it will lead up to in the future.  We have gained contacts in business competitions that paid off much later.