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David Meyer - Disri

David Meyer - Disri


I am a student and im working on a e-commerce solution for wholesale distributors. We got the idea last summer when we talked to a friend working in a restaurant.

I am studying engineering and I have previously been working with development.

We will focus on customer relations and development.

We expect improve customer relations and the product. 

Disri #2


We've mostly been focusing on customer development. A lot of work was spent on developing the company website and building a prototype of the product. We spent a lot of time calling up potential customers and learning about their needs and performing basic customer validation. We also changed the project name.

Not really. We never really expected to be spending so much time performing basic, managerial tasks.

 Calling up customers, deciding what to say and what it is that we want to get out of every conversation took a lot longer than either of us expected. It was, however, a very satisfying task as every single conversation yielded new insight and taught us something new about our customers and our product.

We will continue to follow the basic plan that we've laid out, although we realize that a lot of things will take a lot longer than we had expected.

Disri # 3


These past three months have been very interesting and educational. We have gained a lot of new experiences and learned a lot of new things. Looking back, it is sometimes hard to grasp just how much longer everything took to do than we expected it to take when we first planned things out. All in all, it has been a very giving and educational experience.

The hardest thing has been focusing on the essentials. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to launch a minimum viable product as soon as possible with as few features as possible, and we thought that we had a pretty good idea of what features were needed and that our idea of a MVP really was "minimal". It wasn't until we talked to someone else that we realized that we should have pushed the idea even further.

The project didn't go quite as expected. We were hoping to have a MVP out with a few paying customers by this time, but everything took much longer than expected. When we planned things out, we didn't really factor in how much time all of the "bureaucracy" around the project would take.

Even though we fell behind schedule, we still made a lot of progress and we're planning to continue working on the project in the future.

The most important lesson we learned from working on our project during the summer is that working on the actual product doesn't even constitute 10% of the time you spend on the actual project. That's why everything will take ten times longer than you expect it to take.

Another important lesson was that you need to focus on the essentials, and that even when you think you are focusing on the essentials, there's always a lot fat you can trim and non-essential things you can remove from what you're working on.

Tips for new entrepreneurs:

The most important tip we have for new entrepreneurs is "just do it". It's easy to get into the mindset that first you need to do a lot of non-essential things before you can even test your idea, such as creating a company or a logotype. But the truth is that you can come up with those things later. Just focus on solving a problem or satifying a need in the beginning. That is the part that is most important and if you manage to get it right, then the rest will come by itself.