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Hampus Tarras-Wahlberg - Suntribe

website: suntribesunscreen.com

instagram: @suntribesunscreen

Hampus Tarras-Wahlberg - Suntribe #1


Describe the idea:

According to research from Lund University, more than half of ingredients used in conventional sunscreens today are harmful either for humans or the environment. To counter the problem, we at Suntribe develop an alternative in the form of natural sunscreens which are safe both for people and the environment. 


Who are you? Previous education/jobs/ experiences etc.

My name is Hampus, I'm 27 years old and I grew up in Sweden. After studying political science over the course of four years, I was accepted to the Master's Programme in Entrepeneurship and Innovation at Lund University which I was examined from last year. Since then, I've spent most of my time working on Suntribe. When I'm not focusing on Suntribe, I like spending time in nature, play the guitar and brew my own beer. 


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time?

During these three months I will work hard to spread the word about Suntribe and the natural sunscreens we have on offer. I will contact shops and distributors around the world, advertise on social media, and do a sales trip in the south of Europe. 


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs? 

During Leapfrogs I hope to aquire at least one big distributor for Suntribe, increase our online sales, and get more shops around the world stocked up on our natural sunscreen. 



Tell us what you have done on your projects so far during the Leapfrogs time:

So far I have done a sales trip down to southern Europe to promote the brand and find new resellers, and put a lot of effort into online marketing for Suntribe. As a part of this, I designed and launched a new website in early June. Since the new website was launched I have continously been running marketing campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram.


Has everything gone according to the plan? Has anything unexpected occurred? Has something been easier/harder than expected? 

So far everything has gone according to plan. The sales trip down to Southern Europe produced interesting leads for new resellers which I have followed up on since. Though, it is worth being said that when launching a new website some problems are always going to occur, such as bugs an various small design issues, and I've had to deal with a bunch of those. In any case, they have been solved and the marketing campaigns have started to produce good results.


What will you focus on during the remaining time? Will you follow your original plan or has anything changed along the way?

During the reminder of my time I will focus on tweaking and launching new ads on various platforms online to really take advantage of the summer season. Since we sell sunscreen summer is the perfect time to focus on sales, and the work I have put in so far during Leapfrogs is really starting to show, so that feels great. I will also start negotiations with distributors in order to be prepared to launch our sunscreens to an even wider audience for the 2019 season.


How did you experience the three months?

My three months have been full of new experiences and insights. I have learnt a great deal about reaching out to customers both online and in person. To be able to work full time on the project during the summer has been a lot of fun.


What has been hardest/most enjoyable?

The hardest part has been delving into the world of online sales. There are so many tools and tactics for reaching out on Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram that have been new to me. To research how to structure ads and identifying the right target groups has taken a lot of time, but it has also been very enjoyable to see my efforts pay off.


Did it go as expected? Will you continue working on your project in the future?

Yes and no I would say. One part of my goal was to do a sales trip down in France which unfortunately got a bit side tracked because of rain and floods. Therefore, I could not go to all places I wanted. Still, though, I managed to make some new contacts down in Spain where the weather was better – so I guess it pays off to be persistent even when everything doesn’t go as planned! For the online sales part of my goal, things have gone well. I will definitely continue working on my project in the future.


What would you say is the most important lesson learnt while working on your project?

My most important lesson is to just keep on pushing on even when things are not going as you have planned. The old saying that you should learn from failure holds true. Eventually things are going to work out, it’s just about continuously evaluating your tactics and trying new things until you find a way that works.


Do you have any tips to other ”new” entrepreneurs?

My tip is related to the question above, that is, do not give up. Just continue to try, fine tune your approach, and do not be afraid to ask people for help if you encounter a situation you cannot solve on your own. Keep this in mind and I’m sure you’ll have a great ride. If you fail, then make sure you learn from it and pin down the exact reason why things didn’t go as planned. If you do this diligently, you’ll be so much better equipped when you try again, and your chance of success will be a lot higher!