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Arash Fahmi - Keshmesh


My name is Arash Fahmi and study economics at Lund’s University. I have a tendency of always wanting to make processes easier or finding totally new ways to satisfy needs.

 I have been playing around with different music instruments since I was about 14 years old, but started producing when I got 17. Every since the day I started, I found new substitutional ways of producing other than the ”traditional” way. As a result of this I founded ”Keshmesh”. 

I have worked as a private guitar teacher, DJ, photographer and film maker for events and companies and have managed a successful swedish band called Albatraoz. Besides that I naturally have had ”traditional” jobs on larges corporations like CBRE London etc. 

I find it a bit difficult describing my work tasks during these moths hence I do not want to reveal to much of my main ideas of the project.

To begin with I want to introduce to my audience a couple of crystallised sounds, which I have engineered myself. They have to sound totally professional, I eventually will send the audio files to a master studio at Sony Music. 

In order to present my new way of producing music, I need to make each component (audio, interface, design) clear. As a result of that I will be able to present them as a package to the big music labels. Hence I already got some contacts at Warner Sound, and already have shown interest in my product/service, they are the first one to know when I am done, besides Leapfrogs of course. 

Keshmesh #2


So far I have managed to get all my sounds to sound perfect and mastered. This means that the project itself is done, and now only has to be put online. The costs have been larger than I expected to get help from real professionals, so I have tried to find semi-professionals on the Internet. Luckily and ironically I found a great master guy at the online forum “Flashback”. I meet him in Umeå and we made a deal.

Naturally when I started with this project, I had a plan. A plan of what everything would cost, and how everything was suppose to be done. But by time the questions started to appear and I ran into a few hard and unexpected tasks. One of the things was the law aspect of putting sounds on the Internet. This forced me to hire a lawyer, which showed out to be a quite big cost.

Now when everything is set my main focus is now to get the project on the Internet. It showed out that doing that needed more competence that my team and I had expected. My programmers and I are now looking for someone who knows signal processing on a quite high level.

Keshmesh # 3

This has probably been one of the most stressful, but still most exiting time in my life. It may sound absurd, but with time, the project of yours becomes like your baby. I am usually more used to different working tasks in school, which are related to my economic education. But in contrast to that, this is real – and it is my own project.

The hardest part was probably that you always realized that you are not able to plan every part of the project. As a result of this I became a time optimist, because I thought I knew how long each momentum would take. But I really did not. And this fact troubled me because I am a perfectionist and I am not able to even sleep at nights if I do not have everything straight.

The most enjoyable part was definitely that I worked on my own project/idea a whole summer, and actually got paid for it. Also the validation that Leapfrogs gave me, showed that they really believed in me – which made the work even more enjoyable. 

The work did not go as expected. There were more and more working tasks appearing. In order to do one thing, you where forced to look at the problem from many different angles and aspects. For instance: “If I put up a particular sound on the net, am I in threat by the law if it sounds to alike Avicii?”

On the other hand, I really believe in this project/Idea and I am sure that people are going to have big usage of this tool. This project will probably be on the net by the end of December. Moreover and hopefully I will talk about the project on the next year’s introduction of Leapfrogs.