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Henrik Siepelmeyer - plietsch

Blog post #1


Describe the idea!

With plietsch, we make sustainable grocery shopping simple, affordable and accessible to a broad customer group: We provide a section of package-free, organic, regional products fully integrated into a full-range supermarket. Customers bring their own containers and purchase exactly the amount they need. This way, they can try out package-free shopping during regular shopping trips and step-by-step integrate it into their habits. Our pilot project is implemented in a department store of Germany’s largest full-range food retailer, EDEKA.


Who are you?

We, Henrik and Lisa, both hold a BSc in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Lisa pursues her MSc Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University’s IIIEE. Previously, she worked in supplier sustainability rating at EcoVadis and is an expert in sustainability management, supply chains and making the business case. Henrik just graduated with an MA Leadership for Sustainability. His expertise is in leveraging nudging and behavior change for sustainability, particularly waste reduction which he gained at – among others – the San Francisco Department of the Environment.


What will you do during these three months? How will you spend the time? 

During the summer, we will examine and amend our business model, review trademark law, and further build contacts to potential clients: After a successful pilot, we see the need to review our business model, particularly regarding pricing and revenue streams, to enable a sound expansion. One aspect of this is reviewing trademark law and licensing options. Additionally, we are going to build our contact network and continue negotiations with potential clients that we had already been in contact with.


What do you expect to achieve during Leapfrogs? 

We expect that by the end of the summer, we are going to have a clear picture of the future of plietsch. That is, we will have signed 2 new clients and mapped potential clients for future outreach, we will have developed a suitable pricing model and – most importantly – we will have decided if we want to and can pursue plietsch full-time after the summer.  


Leapfrogs Working Group
LU Innovation, Sölvegatan 16
Box 117, 221 00 Lund

info [at] leapfrogs [dot] se